T-25 Results

T-25 Results – How he lost 41 lbs.

Focus T-25 Results

Focus T-25 Results

Meet Derek B., Tania’s (a.k.a. “the machine” from insanity) husband. A self proclaimed “gym rat”, he used to spend hours in the gym. Now, after only 25 minutes a day for 10 weeks, has lost a total of 41 lbs. from his Focus T-25 Results. During Tania’s (the machines) pregnancy, he had gained a lot of “baby weight” along side her. When T-25 came out, he saw how great it was spending only 25 minutes a day rather than hours at the gym and after only ten weeks, he lost it all. He is quoted saying, “Hit it and quit it and you get results!”


T-25 Results – Compared to the gym.

Now you didn’t hear it from me. Derek here confesses to spending hours at the gym just to be astonished at what T-25 can do in just 25 minutes a day. Get in, you push hard for 25 minutes and you get out. There is no messing around, every second counts and right when you think you can’t do it anymore….its done. Derek’s T-25 Results are nothing short of awesome and you too can accomplish this. All you need is 25 minutes a day, thats it.

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