Day 5 | Keep Momentum & Get Accountability

#1 Now that you’ve overcome your own disasters, share it! 

Whether they have completed or partially completed a program, it is common to hear shouts of LOVE for T25 from individuals who develop a passion and want to tell the world. The very eGuide your are reading now is the culmination of my experience and passion for this program. I have since moved on to the next level, T25 Beta and plan on continuing after that with T25 Gamma (already in the mail, I’m excited).
The obstacles and challenges faced during this time period I’m sure have been tough. Less people complete these challenges than you may think. I say this from personal experience. From facing your own personal demons, fears, or ailments, to life in general throwing its own metaphorical wrench in the engine, I don’t think I have met anyone that can say “That was easy!”. Nor would I believe them if I had.
Now, you have made it this far, where do you go from here? If you are anything like me, this has turned into something more than just a challenge. If you have chosen to keep it up either by moving to the next level or maintaining what you have already been doing, I’m going to let you in on a little secret that will make the next stage just that much easier. PASS IT ON!


You probably have already been talking about it to friends and family, maybe even to Joe Shmoe while waiting in line somewhere. Its a natural feeling to be happy and proud of something you accomplished and you want to scream it out to the world…DO IT!


#2 Become part of a team with like minded individuals like yourself

If you are reading this, you have developed the passion and get it done attitude needed for the transformation you searched for. Now, I would like to welcome you, if you so choose, to The Diamond Dynasty Team. We are already strong in our following and are always looking for more folks just like yourself to add to our hugely growing passion and determination to keep the momentum that got us here in the first place. We already share so much in common:


-We started a fitness using Beachbody products
-We are all, currently, on a day-by-day life transformation with health/fitness
-We all committed to share our experience with a “Health First” mindset


Plus, we all made one more step to commit ourselves and, in turn, found a way to earn income by sharing…..

#3  Become a coach and create challenges

We all are Beachbody Coaches! This is certainly not required but highly recommended that you at least take some time to consider the possibilities. Don’t worry, the Coach term is simply used to define what we do but not what we are. You are not required to have a special certification, you don’t have to be ripped or be a model, and you don’t need a ton of extra time. You simply have to want to share your experience with others, help them start, and give them the support & encouragement to continue.


As I started my journey (originally with Power 90) I was a broke, out of shape and working where ever I could find it. This did not make me feel good about myself as I couldn’t seem to find that “something” that not only I could make a living off of but also gain a sense of fulfillment. I was only a week into my new life journey and went online to search for others who had been where I currently was (just like you did to be getting this information).I discovered Beachbody Coaching from another Coach who was simply sharing with me just like I am with you.


Long story short 2 years down the road I Coach full time by creating small monthly challenge groups of only 6 people. I find those who are willing to change their own lives and I share a solution. When they start their journey I earn a commission from their purchases to help me continue moving forward and they get the tools to change their lives. It’s win/win and you can do the same.
The LAST THING this is, is selling!


I’ll leave you with this before I share the next steps. IF you only see $$ then DO NOT join my Team! We are not about money but about friendships and sharing. If you focus on helping others obtain what you have, even if you’re only on day 1, you will get what you want naturally. This is not a business of selling but a business of sharing. Can you share your story?


On that note I have a step for you to take if you so choose. I don’t want you to become a Coach on my Team until I know more about you, what you’ve gone through, and what you stand for. In the form below tell me why you want to be on Team Diamond Dynasty. Share the goals you are aiming for and the obstacles you’ve overcome. Tell me what an extra income would do for you and your family? That’s it.


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