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Focus-T25-Shaun-T-300x269About Focus T25

Focus T25 is hands down the most intense, sweat pouring, heart wrenching workout compacted into 25 minutes ever before! Look here’s the deal…. we all have 25 minutes in our day. Hey it takes more than 25 minutes to drive to the gym and back. Ponder that one for a while! You could be fully FINISHED with your workout in just the time you take driving! Pretty crazy right?! Let’s go over how Focus T25 can give you the results you want with time to spare!

With Focus T25 being only 25 minutes a day you can easily commit yourself to it. I totally understand that most people can’t fit in a regular hour workout with their crazu busy schedules. Luckily you don’t have to anymore! Focus just 25 minutes a day, 5 days a week and the RESULTS are yours! Plus this workout is done in the privacy of your own home. Be PROUD of your sweat since hey it’s your floor, your house, YOUR workout!


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  1. I am very impressed and I aim to create a similiar site for my business! Thank you Audrey!! YOU ARE THE BEST!!!

  2. Mario Perricone says:

    Audrey, Great results by the way. You committed and you got results. How do I setup a site like this? Please advise. I also a coach and would appreciate some directions. thx. Mario

  3. Hi Audrey! I’m Jasmine I recently started following you and would really love you to be my coach. I have a beach body acct from when I ordered hip hop abs, yet I stopped due to moving. I recently moved in with my grandmother and wanna start off fresh with FocusT25! I have gained more motivation and decided to push myself with an intense workout. I want to put my order in but I’m hearing its on back order?

    • Hey Jasmine! We would be happy to coach you for sure! Don’t worry T 25 is not on back order anymore. :-) To make us your coach simply go to the tab up above that says free coaching and follow the instructions. Let me know if you have any questions. I’m happy to coach you through this.

  4. I am excited. i plan to buy the t25 very soon and i know it won’t be easy but i plan to stick to it. Awesome site

  5. I started the T25 and was excited to get started… I jumped in an did the first DVD of cardio, followed that with each DVD in line but found that when I went back and looked at the program there is something called a total body circuit on Wednesday. It is not in my DVD pack and I purchased the Alpha/Beta pack… I looked up the workout that is missing and it looks like it is a separate purchase. THAT is VERY UPSETTING. I bought the program expecting to have the proper workouts included in the purchase I made as that was how it was marketed. VERY UNHAPPY right NOW. Plus I looked ahead at the BETA since this and see there is another DVD not included, A rip-off if I have to buy another couple DVDs to do the workout completely.

    • I explained to our subscribers that when you purchase it through my site I make sure that you get those DVDs as a free gift! Sorry you didn’t have me set up as your free coach before purchasing.

  6. Eduardo says:

    Im 15 and feel like i need to do somthing about my wieght and i am gonna buy t25 to help thanks Audrey

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